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Tesla shares surge to another record high

Stop us if you've heard this before

Tesla shares rose to $2,290 in mid-day trading before leveling out at $2,240, the highest price since the company went public at $17 a share in 2010. Tesla's shares have risen more than 420% since the beginning of this year, turning some retail investors into millionaires. While other carmakers are forced to invest billions to overhaul their internal combustion engine operations to produce battery-powered cars, investors are confident that Tesla can make the shift from a niche carmaker into a

Tesla appears poised to electrify S&P 500, which could further electrify Tesla stock

It would be among the most valuable companies ever added

Tesla Inc appears on the verge of joining the S&P 500, a major accomplishment for Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk that would unleash a flood of new demand for the electric car maker's shares, which have already surged 500% over the past year. With a market capitalization of about $250 billion, Tesla would be among the most valuable companies ever added to the S&P 500, larger than 95% of the index's existing components. While analysts and investors have recently become more confident of Tesla

Tesla stock rise appears to qualify Elon Musk for $700 million payday

Price bounces back after his strange 'too high' tweet

Shares of Tesla Inc jumped more than 8% on Monday, putting Tesla's market capitalization at $141.1 billion at the close. More importantly for Musk, Tesla's stock market value reached a six-month average of $100.2 billion, according to an analysis of Refinitiv data. Hitting a six-month average of $100 billion triggers the vesting of the first of 12 tranches of options granted to the billionaire to buy Tesla stock as part of a pay package agreed in 2018.

After Tesla stock's dizzying climb, an almost-as-dizzying fall

It catches the coronavirus

Tesla's stock tumbled 17% on Wednesday, hitting the brakes on a dramatic rally as a senior executive said the coronavirus outbreak in China would delay deliveries of its Model 3 cars and analysts warned of its high valuation. With Tesla still up more than 25% since the company posted its second consecutive quarterly profit a week ago, Canaccord Genuity cut its rating on Tesla to "hold" from "buy," further shrinking the already small number of analysts who recommend buying the stock. T

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