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Vehicles that really go the distance

Americans love to drive, and that means there are lots of cars and trucks on the used vehicle market with more than a hundred thousand miles on their odometers. Interestingly, though, only 1% of vehicles make it past the 200,000 mark, and, according to the numbers crunchers at, even fewer see their odometers roll into the 300,000s. In fact, on average just 0.03% of all automobiles sold in the United States hit that high-mileage milestone.

But there are a few exceptions. There are seven vehicles that are twice as likely to hit 300,000 miles than average. Click above to see which cars and trucks are most likely to go the distance.

  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota Tundra: 0.2%

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First up is the Toyota Tundra. It doesn't sell in nearly the same quantity as its American competitors — the Ford F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades — but it's the only full-size pickup truck that you'll see on this list.

Toyota Tundra Information

Toyota Tundra
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota 4Runner: 0.2%

The second (but not final) Toyota to make the 300K club is the 4Runner. No surprise here. The 4Runner is known for its durability and dependability. It shares a lot of its bits and pieces with the midsize Tacoma pickup truck, which isn't on this list but is still known as one of the longest-lasting trucks on the market.

Toyota 4Runner Information

Toyota 4Runner
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GMC Yukon XL: 0.2%

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The GMC Yukon XL is an extended-wheelbase version of the brand's fullsize SUV, and it enjoys a strong reputation for durability. As such, it's often used by large families and surely racks up lots of miles on vacations and road trips. Plus, owners likely use the behemoth machine for towing, which helps explain its inclusion on this list.

GMC Yukon XL Information

GMC Yukon XL
  • Image Credit: Chevrolet

Chevrolet Suburban: 0.2%

The roomy Chevy Suburban is a favorite for big families that like to take long vacation road trips, and, like its sibling from GMC that we just saw on the list, they are frequently used for towing purposes. Both of those activities are likely to rack up a lot of miles (as is the fact the Suburban is frequently used by limo companies).

Chevrolet Suburban Information

Chevrolet Suburban
  • Image Credit: Ford

Ford Expedition: 0.2%

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As is the case with the Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon XL, the full-size Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle is a popular choice for roadtrips and towing. Interestingly, the last time this list was compiled, the Expedition was in the lead. This time around, there are two vehicles — both of them SUVs from the same automaker — that earn higher scores. It's worth noting that Ford switched from its long-running 5.4-liter V8 engine to a turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 for the 2015 model year, and while we can't say for sure, it's possible that change impacted the Expedition's high-mileage status.

Ford Expedition Information

Ford Expedition
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota Sequoia: 0.4%

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Next up is the Toyota Sequoia, and its inclusion here makes sense. This utility vehicle is built atop the guts of the Toyota Tundra, which we already saw on this list of vehicles most likely to crest 300,000 miles. And, like other large three-row SUVs, the Sequioa is a popular pick for big families and their equally expansive family vacations.

For those keeping track, this is the third Toyota on this list, but it's not the last. Click over to the next slide to see which vehicle earns first place.

Toyota Sequoia Information

Toyota Sequoia
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser: 1.5%

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The vehicle most likely to surpass 300,000 miles is the Toyota Land Cruiser. A full 1.5% of these expedition-worthy SUVs pass the mileage milestone, according to iSeeCars. That's more than three times the percentage of the second-place Sequoia, and it only reinforces the Land Cruiser's well-established reputation for durability.

Toyota Land Cruiser Information

Toyota Land Cruiser
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