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Car Craft's dyno "racing" event

Car Craft has decided to eschew pesky variables that show up in speed contests such as "driver skill", "traction", and "weather" and simply crown those that can put down the most horsepower to the drive wheels on a Mustang dyno.

GKN reinvents the CV joint

Constant-velocity joints pose severe limitations to designers of automotive drivetrains and suspensions, as these components are bulky, heavy, and are limited in the amount of angle through which they can operate. GKN's new Countertrack and Crosstrack joints, however, use a subtly different system of tracks for the joint's balls, and this allows them to be made 8% smaller, 15% lighter, 30% more efficient, and operate through a increased range of angles (up to 50 degrees). That last feature is es

Are polyurethane tire treads on the way?

Mr. McGuire's famous one word of advice in The Graduate was "Plastics", but I bet he didn't see this one coming. Amerityre, the manufacturer of off-road closed-cell polyurethane tires (for products such as bicycles, garden equipment, and wheelchairs), is working on perfecting a process to bond polyurethane treads to conventional rubber tire carcasses. Such a process, if applied to heavy-duty over-the-road retreaded tires, could potentially reduce tread separation while increas

General Motors religious bias decision upheld by court

Sheesh, like domestic automobile manufacturers don't have enough to worry about without special interest groups jumping all over their stuff... General Motors' Affinity Group, which allows various minorities to develop affinity groups, has come under fire recently because it does not provision for Christians to organize a similar group.

Buy the $3 million package, keep the Bentley

The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago has an ultra-ultra-ultra-luxury New Year's package to end all ultra-ultra-ultra-luxury packages. In fact, it's the Pen-Ultimate New Year's Package. The $3 million stay includes two nights at the hotel in the very best room in the hotel (and arguably the best room in Chicago), complimentary caviar and full bar in the room, your own personal valet, a private party for you and you

Delphi posts $127 million loss

Tier-1 supplier Delphi Corp. announced a $127 million net shortfall on Friday, the first financial report of the partsmaker's post-bankruptcy era. The results cover from October 8th ('B'-Day) through the end of November.

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