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VW aims to sell more cars in U.S.

Volkswagen has setup a task force, named 'Moonraker,' aimed at finding what car buyers in America really want. VW, then plans on taking this new found knowledge and translating it into new models that the company hopes will sell better in the United States. The task force will be headed by former BMW manager, Stefan Liske, and will look at both the Volkswagen and Audi brands. Perhaps VW should just take a logical look at what they are doing, or read Autoblog<

What does La-La Land pick for The Class of 2004

Do Californians pick differently than the rest of the country? Gas prices hit $3 per gallon in Cali, global warming and emission standards are on the top of lawmaker's minds and Hollywood seems to be in a different mind set. So are we seeing a different top pick of cars? Nope. The new Mustang, Scion tC, Mini Cooper convertible, Accord Hybrid, Acura RL and Corvette make the list. Then we go a little pricier: Ferrari F430, Range Rover and Maserati Quattroporte. The funniest thing about the

More Canadian Pontiacs

After seeing Walt's post on the Pursuit I went and checked out Canada's official Pontiac site. I wanted more pics of this "G4." Personally I love the looks of this over the Cobalt with the exception of the front grill. Pontiac should definitely bring this to the U.S. There's also a rebadged Chevy Aveo (shown here) called the Wave. How cute. Click below for more images.

PhotoChopper offers some fun alternatives to the standard car

Our friends over at The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog posted an interview with Stephen Paul Adams the man behind PhotoChopper, a website that shows the power of Photoshop applied to cars. Some of his creations are quite radical like a convertible Acura RSX. Check out the interview and definitely stop by his site.

Holden gets a hold in China

It appears that the more and more GM sees a need for rear-wheel drive cars, the more we see of their Australian brand Holden. Holden's been building big RWD V8 powered sedans forever that currently have names like Caprice and Statesman. Holden will be spreading the love to China where their two aforementioned cars will be wearing the Buick badge as the Royaum. As with most Holdens, the design is plain and simple and is easily kicked up a notch by body-kits and more hp.

Building a Mustang Cobra on EBay

Last month we told you about a little contest for charity that joined Primedia editors and EBay together. They were given instructions to only buy the car and parts via EBay and see who could build the best machine. The guys over at Popular Hot Rodding put together a 1993 Mustang Cobra and this story goes through the ins and outs of buying cars and parts via EBay.

Canadian Pursuit can't be far from crossing borders

The Chevy Cobalt isn't sharing any of its press with a Pontiac sibling here in the US but in Canada, a Pontiac badge-job of the Cobalt is called the Pursuit. In Mexico, it is more aptly named for US consumption, the G4. How long until the aged and dying Sunfire is replaced with this model in the US? This review is from a Canadian newspaper about the new Pursuit, and as with many reviews on the Cobalt, it is mostly positive.

Toyota a part of Big Three by 2009?

I love these prediction pieces. If everything goes their way (which recently it has) Toyota has been predicted to overtake DaimlerChrysler by 2009 in the US. DCX numbers include Mercedes Benz. Toyota is including Lexus and Scion. The biggest obstacle in this prediction is not taking in account the other great products out there. Toyota doesn't own the "reliability" category anymore and appliance-like designs only work for so long. IF Toyota revamps the lineup with some passionate product,

There's a new Chrysler blog in town and it ain't half bad

There might not a lot of fancy graphics on Chrysler Weblog but it's straight forward and to the point. It's a blog about Chrysler by an enthusiast who just posts whatever he comes across. It's a simple premise and one that is pretty much the basis of blogging. Plus there are some images on there I haven't seen yet. If you have a few spare seconds it's worth a look.

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