Bumper heights make big difference

So the height difference of your bumper will likely determine whether you are in a minor accident or one that require major repair, especially when a high-riding SUV comes across a lower riding car. Well, no kidding! In that case, a car is likely to slide below the higher bumper of the SUV, damaging the car's body work, as opposed to just the bumper, which will then require a more costly repair. While bumper heights on cars are required to be the same height, there are different regulations for SUVs, pickups and minivans, and bumpers on those vehicles are often higher than bumpers on cars. However, some automakers have taken it upon themselves to begin mounting their SUV bumpers lower, to be more compatible with car bumpers. Then there is the Toyota RAV4, which doesn't even have a bumper. Yes, you read that right, and your reaction was probably about the same as mine.

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