Volkswagen Passat 2018 USA Specs

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The new Passat 2018 release date for the US market is expected to be set in the second half of 2017. The latest news is the launch date of the EU under consideration for a collision with European specifications. Now the project is already under immense pressure with this tactic. The reason for this being, now they are duty-bound if they will sell different versions of cars, which according to them they are. Although they come with the same name, they are totally different cars according to certain manners and characteristics.

We notice bright LED lights, which promises a 15 percent longer lifespan. Much better than traditional halogen bulbs. The design and shape of the headlights will affect the dynamics. The body presents a variant of sedan and wagon of average size ideal called Alltrack. Compared to the usual model, it is high. The car is attractive and elegant, which is very important for a car today. In addition to all the changes, Volkswagen remained faithful to the tradition and did not make a revolution in design. The modified proportions only appear to be complete. As for the size, the length is slightly reduced, while the wheelbase is an advantage. The VW Passat 2018 is a little bigger and bigger than the outgoing model. Numerous details outside of elegance and practicality.

The loyal VR6 engine with natural suction locks locked and pushes at least the 280 horsepower and 258 pounds of feet you get in the usual model in North America. In its strongest iteration, the Passat sold in Europe to the same result, a supplier of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine delivered to a 4Motion configuration. It is important to mention the Euro rides on the MQB platform while the US-spec variant uses a much older architecture, so the differences between the two are important.

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In terms of license, you can access the front with an emergency braking on all trim levels. A blind monitor with a cross-border rear alert is standard on the SE and R-Line models. Other advanced features such as adaptive speed control are available on the SE with the technical package and higher models.

Details on the start of Volkswagen Passat 2018 have not been revealed, but the Los Angeles Auto Show in early tomorrow. This article is no longer available for the first version of the production model. It should be used for dealers soon after and something in the area of ​​$ 30,000.

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