2018 Dodge Journey First Drive

Dodge Journey 2018 Interior

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Dodge Journey 2018 may be the best choice for people who wish to have a better SUV in their garage. This one will have the biggest appearance and also the performance. The new Dodge Journey is one of the largest SUVs that will be found by people in the future. The type of this car is a crossover SUV that can get people wherever they want to go without any problems. For this reason, this one is suitable for people like their family car. This car will have many functions in its home because this car is strong and it has an elegant appearance so that people get their prestige with this car. The appearance of this car is also chic which can impress pedestrians when they look at this car on the road.

Dodge Journey 2018 Redesign

Given that the current generation model has already had a major facelift, this Dodge Journey 2018 should incorporate some minor changes into its outer body. According to some tricks, the front fascia of this model is likely to be influenced by its new generation. There may be changes in its mesh pattern and on the grid bars. Chances are they will be aggressive. The headlights could be revisited with a new shape completing a redesign.

Many powerful fog lights were said to have been installed. The section that houses the fog lights could also get a new design. The new light alloy wheels are an excellent possibility. It was said that the frontal approach would remain unchanged. However, the wheelbase both front and rear could see changes. Its roof rails could be revised; the hatchback could get a new redesign could make a refreshed rear fascia. Apart from that, everything else should remain the same.

Dodge Journey 2018S First Drive

Dodge Journey 2018 Interior

Inside, the new Dodge Journey 2018 will be extremely modern and luxurious. It is assumed that they will get a lot of new modern features such as a touchscreen, modern air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, rearview camera, navigation, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, high quality audio player, stability and traction control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, air bags and more. The seats of this car will be made from the highest quality leather, so that comfort will be phenomenal. The steering wheel of this model will also be coated with the finest leather and will have a large number of functions.

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Dodge Journey 2018 Engine

There are rumors about the car’s engine. First of all, this is a 4-cylinder 4-cylinder unit that is defined as the first engine option. The engine can generate 175 HP. It is good enough for the SUV to have it so, it becomes a good thing for them. In addition, the engine is also said to provide good efficiency to the use of fuel. Therefore, it becomes a great thing that people really want for their car. That is, the car with good fuel consumption that can decrease its fuel budget.

The other choice comes, 3.6L V6. The second candidate comes with a more powerful motor with output. According to information, the car can produce 280 HP. In addition, it is also powered by a 6-speed automatic transmission. The second engine can be favorable for anyone who likes to have a fast SUV. However, this is not a good choice for anyone who likes to have a good fuel-use car. In this case, it might be worrying for the company to find out more.

According to production estimates, we expect the Dodge Journey 2018 to arrive in the showrooms this fall. The official price will start at $ 23,590 including destination, an increase of $ 1,300 over the previous year. At the top of the range, the price will reach $ 35,490 for the Journey GT equipped with all-wheel drive.

Gallery of Dodge Journey 2018 Interior

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