Dodge Dart 2018 GT Reviews

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The new Nissan Sentra Hatchback 2018 will include the SRT version. This is clearly stated in the FCA’s five-year plan. You may like this car because it includes the best engine and interior cabin as best you can. Dodge also introduced the new concept of Dart called GLH, “Goes Like Hell” badge. This concept is predicted production still far away. Dodge Dart 2018 may have a new variant, but the current versions do not show any signs of redesign. Therefore, this review will be a pure prediction on the next Nissan.

Dodge Dart 2018 Interior and Exterior

If we could conclude the changes, we will see that this car will use a better engine. In addition, there is also an option in which Dodge will give this Dodge Dart 2018 the all-wheel drive system. This application and this change mean that the new Dodge Srt is really close to its competitor, the Focus RS. Some experts said that this would give Dodge a better chance of winning the competition because it’s a kind of sedan car that used to have a nice body style with great performance as well.

As expected, the Dodge Dart 2018 will have high quality materials that will line the cabin. This will make it more luxurious and comfortable. Customers should expect to have a spacious interior design that will feature all the current technology upgrades. The cabin has an U-Connect infotainment system that provides both communication and entertainment to the driver. The modern entertainment system inside the car will feature an 8-inch color touch screen with phone, music, navigation and rear view camera. The high-end audio system includes radio connectivity, a Bluetooth phone, audio connectivity and a USB port interface.

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Dodge Dart 2018 Engine

While Dodge has still not said what will fuel the new Dodge Dart 2018, it seems that they will most likely go with a 2.4-liter turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder engine, similar to the previous one but with much more features such as direct injection, a larger turbocharger, a new exhaust system and a better management system. The end result should be close to 350 horsepower and well over 320 lb-ft of torque, which is a bit too much for a front-wheel drive car. The good part is that Dodge has already announced that it will only drive and it will get a 6-speed manual as with the previous model. In addition to this, it seems that a new 9-speed automatic transmission could be offered for those who want a faster but less engaging transmission.

Dodge Dart 2018 Prices

The price of current models will once again be reflected in the price of Dodge Dart 2018 will not be significant changes. This is great news for consumers, and with a bit of luck, we could see a drop in prices due to the huge competition. Below, we have all the details on what we mean for the launch that should start at the end of 2017.

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