2018 Vw Jetta Tdi Exterior

2018 VW Jetta Tdi Concept

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2018 VW Jetta will reportedly use the same platform with the Golf is the MQB. This platform can offer a more comfortable driving experience and better stability. Model design for the 2018 Jetta is believed by industry analysis will take on the same basis as shown in the 2014 Beijing Auto Show. At that time the company trying to amaze the public with New Midsize Coupe Concept.

When referring to the design, we were impressed. The model does not change the overall Jetta models that already exist today. Let’s look at the familiar bumper design with three large lattice grille is replaced by a smaller looks more elegant. While the design on both sides such as creating aerodynamic lines with chrome accents, even the fog lights are not installed. We hope the wheels and rims using the right size considering several complaints were revealed for the current model. We don’t know for sure, in this case should reduce the size of the rim or tire size thinner. Which certainly does not reduce acceleration or even increase fuel consumption.

About 2018 VW Jetta Interior Voklswagen we do not get accurate information. Changes are most often performed by automotive designers are replacing the door trims and infotainment systems. We believe Jetta get the package.

As for the engine that will be used, the observers are still arguing. There are no complete information on the company, but if you see from the information platform that will be the same as the Golf looks like the machine used can also be the same, we hope so. Moreover, referring to the emission scandal was made public in 2015 it looks like the company will not provide a diesel engine option in 2018 VW Jetta. At the same time the Company determines to better focus future investment to develop plug-in electric models. To get the fuel consumption more efficient it would be better with a turbocharger under the hood. Some people say it would be better if get 258 hp GLI models like the Golf.

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