2018 Jetta Redesign And Images

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The design is more angular than the more rounded shape of the current Jetta. At the front there is a hexagonal grille with sharp points at each end with corresponding indices for fog lamps and fascia. The sharp edges on the headlights continue to look sharper. The prominent folds in the hood take notes from the larger Arteon sedan. The fairly lean A pillars indicate that the new 2018 Jetta could have good forward visibility.

2018 Jetta Refresh

It seems relatively longer than the sixth generation model; note the new large rear quarter glass, which is not present in the latter. Compared to the current Jetta, the 2018 Jetta has a casual look with a relatively elongated hood and a low nose. The new generation Jetta and Vento this last was spied recently with an Audi-esque rear profile. Its new wraparound rear lamps are energized, complementing its new design.

The current Jetta has been on sale since 2011. We expect that the new model of the seventh generation will arrive at the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year, as a 2018 Jetta. It will eventually abandon the aging platform PQ35 which has been used since the fifth generation Jetta. The new model will be underpinned by the flexible MQB platform of the Volkswagen group common to the Golf and by many other cars of the German car manufacturer.

2018 Jetta Engines

We noted in a first test 2016 that the new 1.4-liter turbo-four of the Jetta offers a lot of torque for a strong acceleration; however, there is a lot of road noise coming into the cab and the ride is not very comfortable at low speeds. The handling, on the other hand, is respectable, because the Jetta remains composed on the turns and direction is sensitive. As we wrote in a first Drive 2015, the optional 1.8-liter 170-hp turbo-four offers plenty of tap power and six-speed automatic changes intelligently. Despite its age, the Jetta infotainment system is easy to use and there is plenty of space for front and rear passengers in the cabin.

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We are still far from receiving official awards for the upcoming 2018 Jetta. Despite obtaining a new platform, we believe the chances are good that VW will aim to keep the entry price under $ 20,000 to remain competitive. The automaker has re-evaluated cars across its range over the past few years, in some cases, lower prices by thousands. On the basis of this general trend, it is very likely that the next Jetta will have an attractive price. We will keep too many speculations, however.

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