2018 FJ Cruiser Interior

2018 Fj Cruiser Exterior Concept

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We have never found news of the 2018 FJ Cruiser, at least until now. This car has long not received an upgrade, in the end of August 2016 this vehicle stopped production. Actually this car is very good, you will remember the iconic design of this car forever. This car is so famous in the Middle East, North America and a bit in Europe, one of the masterpieces of Toyota in the explorers class. Finally, his job as a tough car is replaced by 4Runner. 4Runner adopted some components of the FJ so it is considered to have FJ Cruiser DNA. I actually did not expect so, because FJ Cruiser seemed to portray the luxury of adventure. Adopting a two-door car, futuristic design at that time even today is still like a concept car. The wheels are big and muscular and the engines are very powerful. Unlike the 4Runner is almost the same as other types of 4×4 cars that are not very superior to the design. I think the 4Runner design is not iconic except its similar strength. If this is about a cruiser I agree, but about the design I think everyone would disagree.

Toyota FJ Cruise began construction in 2005, this car is made based on the classic Land Cruiser FJ40. From the beginning of the village it did not change much, this is what I mean by iconic. Now FJ Cruiser lovers can only get it in forums or communities, Toyota does not offer anymore for new cars.

After one year Toyota declared no longer producing, 2018 FJ Cruiser seems to have no successor. Currently still in concept form, they call it by the name of Toyota FT-4X concept. But this concept is different, this is an urban vehicle. The concept car’s dimensions are similar to C-HR, but the FJ Cruiser design is pretty thick. “FT” means Toyota Future, “4X” means all-wheel drive. Toyota builds this concept car on Toyota’s TNGA platform.

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Toyota says the car is still in concept models and there are no signs yet for mass production. If this is FJ Cruise DNA what could be said as 2018 FJ Cruiser Junior? At least we know that the design of FJ Cruiser is actually still in demand even the company was impressed to maintain the spirit of FJ for years to come. I’m one of the FJ Cruiser fans, actually I’d like to see a redesign model or even a facelift model for next year.

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