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2018 Ford F 150 Exterior

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The 2018 Ford F 150 is Ford’s big news for the 2017 Detroit show. We’ll start with the grids, since that’s what you’d like to notice. Most new models feature a two-bar design that extends through the front end of the truck to give it a wider look. There is also one with a mainly open layout and one, on top, a limited trim, which fills the space with a chrome mesh. The grids are supposed to create more visual differentiation between different models and appearance packages, and from what we have seen, they do exactly that.

2018 F 150 Release Date

The 2018 Ford F 150 has a chrome grille with horizontal bar on many models to accentuate the width of the truck. Taking the tone of the new Super Duty, the F-150 also incorporates “C-clamp” LED headlights to convey a robust and high-tech image. The details of the ticket office that debuted on the 2015 F-150 are continuing on the 2018 model around the taillights, tailgate and wings. The F-150 also features chrome-plated steel bumpers to safeguard the promise of strength with genuine hardware. Finally, the wheel wells, wheels and tires were carefully selected to complement the space, emphasizing a strong position and avoiding a “corsage” aspect.

Ford also updates the techie features of the 2018 Ford F 150. The adaptive cruise control available is upgraded to stop and advance, which means it can get the truck to a full stop and pick up where He stopped again in the heavy traffic to close the cruise when she slowed down. Pre-collision assistance with pedestrian detection is also available, as is a 4G cellular radio with a wifi access point capability. A B & O Play sound system (as in Bang & Olufsen) will also be optional.

2018 F 150 Price

The biggest news is under the hood, where all the engines are new, except for the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, which was new for 2017 and is being transmitted. The most exciting is the 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel, which will delay the rest of the new engines by half a year, appearing in the summer of 2018, still as a 2018 model. Few details have been shared to date, but we know that it is a member of the Lion family of Ford V-6 diesel engine designed in Dagenham, England, mainly for the Jaguars and Land Rovers in a joint venture with the PSA Group French. The 3.0 JLR’s global facilities have a double turbo, a compacted graphite iron block and output values ​​of 237 hp / 370 lb-ft, 251 hp / 440 lb-ft and 271 hp / 440 lb-ft, Go out somewhere in this stadium.

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