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Hoping 2018 Dodge Journey to get a new look is not likely to happen yet. Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) says it will create a new design in 2019. The original plan is to release an all-new Journey next year. The new model will be made in conjunction with the Chrysler 200 engineer. Apparently this is not the case, Chrysler 200 suddenly does not resume after a short 2017 model. Plan B is building a Journey on the Giorgio platform that has been started by Giulia’s premium sedan from Fiat Alfa Romeo. Automatically bring Journey from Mexico to Italy, where this car will be assembled.

This Giorgio platform supports All-Wheel-Drive, the base is Rear-Wheel-Drive. This will complete the latest total Journey changes, because this car we know using front-wheel-drive since 2009. But the dimensions are maintained and still with 7 and 5 passengers. There will be many series that will use this platform later, such as Charger, Challenger and Durango.

2018 Dodge Journey to be postponed one more year this is a new design needs to be. All competitors have done it, otherwise it will get a bad sale. This car driving experience is impressive because it is comfortable, cheap enough, drive well. All the advantages must be balanced with the new design. January 2017 there was an increase in sales by 9 percent. The delay until 2019 can still be overcome, but it’s almost 2 years away. They still choose Journey because it is cheaper, cleaner and available for the third line. Disadvantages only on a safety driving system that does not make it at the best safety standard reting.

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If you think 2018 Dodge Journey will change the design style then this beum will happen. As said above, this car will not get any change next year. If you say for the year 2019 then this is worth to happen. But if you ask whether it is worth waiting for 2018 Journey, it all depends on you. If you like the font-wheel-drive model of rear-wheel-drive, like the second and third cabins, lots of secret storage, second-row child booster seats, the price is cheap enough, this might be a reason to wait. But if you are bored and need an exterior refresh then you are not worth to wait for the 2018 design, be patient for 2019.

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