2018 Beetle Interior

2018 VW Beetle Exterior

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2018 VW Beetle, If that’s really the case, we’ll miss the cheeky Beetle of Volkswagen. Hard to believe that it exists since 1998, which means that the supposed expiration date 2018 will have given it a 20-year run. The current generation (second), who hit the streets in 2011 and dropped the “New” name, was a bit vague, but special fun editions like the Dune promised to add excitement.

The new 2018 VW Beetle would feature the MQB platform, making the new model much lighter than the current Beetle. Due to its MQB platform, the new Beetle could be electric. Neusser mentioned that it was a possibility; However, he did not mention whether it would be a full hybrid or electric plug-in. We know that if you prefer, the Beetle can be ordered with three and four-cylinder petrol engines and diesel engines with parts from the Volkswagen parts bin.

With everything going on inside the company, which has made a conscious effort to be more humble, you can imagine that cheeky Beetle might not be the best thing for Volkswagen at this time.

The infatuation of the 2000s, the era that brought us the Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang rebel, and Boxy Dodge Challenger, owes much of its success to a trend initiated by something other than the Volkswagen Beetle of 1998. But as So many trends, the New 2018 VW Beetle peaked only to linger while its sales fell year after year. Not even a more aggressive new generation of Beetle in 2012 could save the model here in the US, historically its cheaper.

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